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As someone who grew up in, and occasionally returns to, Buffalo, I can tell you people do wear those "AFC Champion" shirts. Oh, yes, they wear them, sometimes years after the fact. Is it out of pride? Out of shame? Defiance? Hard to tell, but all too sad.



We all bought our 'Port State Champs gear to wear in the weeks after the win, but also to save for the next 10 years until it happens again (then you drag it out & wonder how you ever fit in that shirt), but never, never to wear in the long, dark, period in-between.


This is a riot, Bob. Only you could cut right to the heart of hubris and misplaced pride. I thought the same thing when I saw Bus and Ben wear their AFC champ hats in the last minute of the game. It's almost like bad instant karma.

The Buffalo analogy is apt: We're Talkin' Proud!

Just gotta find a way to catch Hasselbeck when he rolls out; send in that jumoy long haired dude. We're pulling for ya in D.C.



I meant jumpy. He seems very jumpy.


Joe, why you gotta bring up the humiliation of my home town's embarassingly grammar-mangling 1980s motto? I can hear the jingle in my head now ("Buf ... a ... lo, we're talkin' proud!") Ugh.



Jet -- Good on ya, mate, for buying McKeesport State Champs duds. That was an impressive run by the Tigers, coming out of nowhere as they did to win the title. Even though it did come at the expense of my Gators, who I seem to care about more now than I did back when I was there.

As for the Buffalo conversation, I can only add that I rooted like crazy for the Bills, all four times -- partly because I have a couple of good friends from Buffalo, and have always enjoyed my visits, and also out of a sense of brotherhood with our fellow disparaged Rust Belt city to the north.

Plus, beef on weck is sublime. Deadly, but sublime.

Never heard the motto before. I always thought the official Buffalo motto was "The Bills Make Me Want to SHOUT!"


"We're Talkin' Proud" is right up there in my book with "Who Dat Say Dey Gone Beat Dem Saints" as best '80s NFL team slogan.


If anyone's printing the John Oates t-shirts, I'm buying.

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